Winner: A novel device and system to screen newborns for hearing loss in resource poor settings, Sohum Innovation Labs India Pvt Ltd

Contact Person – Nitin Sisodia, Managing Director & CEO

Challenge: Over 800,000 hearing impaired babies are born globally every year of which 100,000 are Indian. In India hearing impairment goes largely undiagnosed due to screening equipment being costly and hard to come by. What is worse is that most of these cases could be treated effectivly if discovered early.

Innovation: Sohum has developed a low cost hardware cum software solution that uses brainstem auditory evoked response to screen and diagnose infants with hearing impairments at an early stage. The device has 3 parts to it; the first is a base precision hardware to capture brain signals, second is algorithm software to analyse the signals which can run on various platforms and third reusable electrodes that fit any head size that are used for capturing brain signals. The software gives clear indications of the right placement of electrodes. The final result is completely automated and indicates a ‘pass’ or ‘refer’. The data is also fed into a back end centralizer server that rechecks and keeps track of infants that have been referred. The device is made to work in noisy settings and does not require the infant to be sedated.

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