Winner: Automatic Voting Machine Mayank Goyal, Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, MuradNagar, Uttar Pradesh

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Contact Person – Mayak Goyal


Challenge: Traditional methods of voting are fraught with many limitations. A person I allowed to vote only from the city he/she is registered in. Chances of interference still remain high.


ICT Innovation: The concept of the Automatic Voting Machine aims to solve this problem. The machine will be connected directly to the server in which all the information about the voters and candidates is already stored. This AVM will help to solve the above stated problems in the following manner –
Each voter will be able to access AVM only once and the access can be done by finger print or retina scan etc.


Whenever voter will access AVM it will automatically redirected to the candidate list he can vote in state election or local election. All information will directly store in the server database; there will be no interference of any one. Votes will be automatically counted by the server and it will declare the result too on the basis of that.

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