Winner: BrailleMe, Innovision

Contact Person – Surabhi Srivastava, Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer


Challenge: Over 40 million visually impaired individuals globally 90% of whom live in low-income settings. Alternatively braille technology, the most common form of accessible communication for the visually impaired, has remained largely unaffordable and therefore inaccessible. This means that a majority of the population have been left behind or excluded from society, on the basis of their inability to access education or employment.


Innovation: Innovision has developed the first low cost electronic refreshable Braille reader. The device will help users read and write digitally through electronic Braille. The reader itself will connect to a parent device- computer, mobile etc and allow users to access information through Braille cell output and a Braille keypad on the device itself. The reader will be available at a price 5 times lower than is currently available in the market and will allow the visually impaired to access the internet, MS Office, Social Media, E-Books and much more.

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