Winner: CORE PDS (Centralised Online Real-time Electronic PDS) Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Chhattisgarh


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Contact Person –  Mr. Vikas Sheel, Secretary (Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection), Govt. of Chhattisgarh and Mr A.K.Somasekhar, Technical Director NIC Chhattisgarh


Challenge: Fair price shops often exploit consumers and hence the benefits don’t always reach the end consumer in totality. The consumers are tied to one shop and hence continue to face issues.


ICT Innovation: COREPDS empowers the beneficiary by offering a right to choose FPS of her liking. Beneficiaries in COREPDS have been allowed to take their ration from any FPS by authenticating themselves by any one of the multiple instruments allowed. The instruments include Smart Ration Card (SRC) issued by food department; Rastriya Swastha Beema Yojana (RSBY) card issued by health department or registered mobile number using One Time Pin (OTP). COREPDS is predominantly online system but allows limited offline transactions in case of temporary connection problems at FPS. FPS sales person inserts the smart card in POS device. POS reads the ration card number and sends it to the server through GPRS to get her entitlement balances. FPS sales person enters the quantities to be issued to beneficiary and submits. Server updates the transaction and gives a success report. Thereafter, a receipt is printed and the commodities are issued to the beneficiary.


Impact: The project has empowered the end beneficiary thereby reducing exploitation. The healthy competition improves quality of service amongst the shops.

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