Winner: Digi- Teach, Humana People to People India (HPPI)


Contact Person – Snorre Westgaard, Executive Director


Challenge: Over 50% of the 145 million children in Indian primary schools complete their primary grades without basic literacy and numeracy skills. A principal cause is the shortage of teachers as well as skill deficiencies in existing teachers, which results in an inadequate progress in the child’s learning and holistic growth.


Innovation: The organisation has developed digiTEACH. digiTEACH is an innovative courseware framework designed for training of primary school teachers. Course ware covers subjects, child centric teaching methodologies, societal awareness and leadership skills. It focuses on enhancing teaching skills by comprehensive mapping of the curriculum and training programmes and breaking them into micro modules on a custom designed software platform. The platform also includes a progress tracking and feedback system where teachers can map their progress through tasks, activities and indicators.   The most salient feature of the platform itself is its exhaustive repository of open source reference material that teachers can use during the training. The platform also has a DMM – a comprehensive set of tasks, courses and experiences with a progress matrix mapped across the entire training programme.

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