Winner: EasyElect Naveen Kumar, Mandrila Biswas, Prathma Verma, Surabhi Bhatnagar and Raja Biswas National Institute of Design, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

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Contact Person – Naveen Kumar, Raja Biswas, Mandrila Biswas and Surabhi Bhatnagar


Challenge: Non-participation of majority of educated Indian youth and working class in the voting process causes a misrepresentation in the governance. Multiple issues relating to time consumed, travel required etc. result in around 40% of registered voters not voting.


ICT Innovation: Easy Elect is an idea where the polling booth is taken to people rather than the other way round. Easy elect aims to “gamify” the voting process and enhance its perception amongst people. Using the database based on Unique identification protocol using digital authentication systems such as face recognition and finger print scan from Aadhaar card it aims to make voting ‘easy’ through an online process.

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