Winner: EasyGas, District Administration of Kanpur Nagar


Contact Person- 
Dr. Roshan Jacob , IAS,District Magistrate of Kanpur Nagar


Challenge: Currently LPG distribution in India is peppered with a number of problems. The rampant third party procurement, hoarding, black marketing, predominantly in rural areas, and diversion of domestic LPG into commercial use are just a few. Furthermore the booking of LPG refills is done manually by standing in a queue and negotiating with touts. The consumer is not provided acknowledgement of the booking which leads to a shortage of cylinders if not a delay in distribution.


Innovation: The EasyGas is a software solution for LPG monitoring launched by the District Administration of Kanpur Nagar enables allocation of cylinders to the waiting list in an automatic and free manner. Currently, such an allotment is done manually by the gas agencies and is heavily prone to discretion. Automation by an ICT tool removes all possibilities of this discretion or bias and requires little effort on part of the citizens. Apart from marketing the essential commodity accessible to the average rural consumer, it also makes the gas agency ­ consumer interface transparent and provides the district administration a direct role in accessing and reviewing pendency at all levels. Software behaves as an accounting tool for the district administration, allowing them for necessary intervention whenever required.

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