Winner: GEMS ERP – Governing Education Management Systems Arpita Gopal and Gauravi Pimpalkhare

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Contact Person – Arpita Gopal, Founder and Gauravi Pimpalkhare, Co Founder


Challenge: Demands from institutions that provide higher education services are many. Five issues quality, quantity, governance, regulatory compliance and staffing recline as core challenges. To balance these demands within financial constraints higher education service organization needs potent ERP tools which facilitate operational finesse in education service delivery, management and control.


ICT Innovation: Governing Education Management Systems (GEMS) is an academic institution administrative solution which supports a platform for a connected campus, with processes seamlessly sinuous across departments, constituents and stakeholders. It consists of 40 modules purposely integrated to manage complex institutional processes.   GEMS ERP, currently used by reputed academic institutions, supports regulatory compliance, making it exclusive application-wise and exhaustive function-wise. Multiple role centers and over 500 out-of-the-box reports, interoperable with Microsoft Office and PDF, ensure smart decision-making and business intelligence. Integrated capabilities can help accomplish effectual stakeholder relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, teaching-learning assessment process, student and teacher performance, and organizational growth and development. At the user level GEMS provides a familiar experience with easy access to the requisite information. Simple, collaborative and integrated applications across departments and constituents foster speed and streamlining of functions.

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