Winner: Haqdarshak, P.R Ganapathy, Aniket Doeger and Mayank Garg

Contact Person – Aniket Doegar, Co- Founder


Challenge: There are a score of both government and non-governmental schemes available to those from underserved communities in India. However due to a lack of communication channels many of them remain unknown to those who really need them. This results in Crores of Rupees going to waste or going into the wrong hands.


Innovation: The group has developed ‘Haqdarshak’. Haqdarshak, is a solution is a mobile/tablet based application which consists of a complete database of relevant Government schemes available to citizens. The app goes one step further to screen candidates using 15-20 questions and provides them with a complete list of schemes that they are eligible for. It also guides them and helps them in understanding and collating the necessary documentation they would need to avail benefits of those schemes.

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