Winner: Knowledge management of Small and Marginal Farmers through ODL Systems, Vidiyal


Contact Person- 
Mr. K. Kamaraj, Founder of Vidiyal


Challenge: India is making various efforts to sustain the agricultural sector. In spite of impressive achievements, the contribution of agricultural sector in enhancing human development is declining.


Innovation: In order to empower the small and marginal farmers with information and credit, VIDIYAL, an NGO in Theni, Tamilnadu, initiated a project – Knowledge management of Small and Marginal Farmers through Open Distance Learning (ODL) Systems. Using multimedia materials in local languages, VIDIYAL trained 300 women to conduct value chain analysis and to develop business proposals for their cow/goat rearing enterprises. Each member of the SHG is given credit to buy farm animals and a mobile phone. Using voicemails delivered to these mobile phones, the women are trained in cattle rearing and aspects of farming such as breed selection, feed, health management, and animal care

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