Winner: MeeSeva – Issuing of Digitally Signed Government Certificates across the counter, Govt of Andhra Pradesh & Tata Consultancy Services Limited 


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Contact Person – Col. Sadarem Rao, COO, APOnline Limited and Bodgari Balakishore, Head-IT, APOnline Limited


Challenge: The citizens of Andhra Pradesh faced manual government processes with multiple interactions required to obtain a single service. This led to delays and at many occasions, the citizens would shy away from the service because of the time necessary to navigate the bureaucracy.


ICT Innovation: MeeSeva is one of the Government of Andhra Pradesh’s flagship program introduced in the month of November, 2011 under e-Governance Program to deliver public services (G2C – Issuing Digitally Signed Certificates, Permits etc) using the latest technology in a simple, faster, secured & transparent manner by adhering to the strict citizen charter time limits. The Project brings in a digital PKI enabled integrated architecture to deliver G2C Services in a purely electronic mode (replacing issuing of ink signed paper based manual certificates). Services are classified into two categories: Category “A”: services will be delivered across the counter. Category “B”: services which are Statutory in nature where Notices/Hearings/Field Inspections are required. MeeSeva is operational across all the districts of Andhra Pradesh with the centralized architecture, any service can be accessed from anywhere. The services offered include the delivery of Land Records, Income, Birth, Death, Caste certificates, Encumbrance Certificates, Certified Copy of Registration Documents etc.


Impact: MeeSeva currently has more than 170 high impact services, which would go up to 300 in the next 6 months. The project has already completed 3 core transactions. The target is to ensure that MeeSeva becomes the entry and exit point for the citizen to approach the government for any service.

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