Winner: Menstrual Hygiene Project, Sukhibava Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd


Contact Person – Dilip Pattubala, FounderDirector


Challenge: There are over 355 million menstruating women across India, but only 12% of them have access to any form of sanitary products. Due to lack of proper hygiene and sanitation facilities and unaffordability of sanitary products many women/girls miss over 50 days of school or work. Furthermore menstruation is widely seen as unclean and is surrounded by much social stigma. This makes it hard for women to discuss it let alone understand and practice menstrual hygiene.


Innovation: The organization trains local micro- entrepreneurs living in slums to use their cloud based mobile technology to educate underserved women on menstrual hygiene. The mobile application is designed to deliver awareness through a series of different modules which contain multi- media videos, pictures and videos on issues regarding menstruation. The micro –entrepreneurs not only act as on ground local field workers conducting workshops but also sell low cost sanitary napkins to the slum women. The solution also allows the entrepreneurs to collect on ground real time data on purchase of sanitary products and how many beneficiaries they have reached every month.

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