Winner: Peace Mapping Solution, Sabrang Trust


Contact Person- 
Teesta Setalvad, Director of the Peace Mapping Project and Trustee of Sabrang Trust.


Challenge: In order to avoid violence perpetrated through rumour mongering, there is an urgent need for a people driven, inclusive mechanism that works with technology to actively register signs of the build-up to violence and effectively sets of a chain of interventions to prevent its escalation.


Innovation: Peace Mapping (to Prevent Violence), is a unique concept being developed by Sabrang Trust, Mumbai. The aim is to map, promptly and accurately, the build up to outbreaks of violence with an aim to ensure a calibrated and mature response, preferably prevention, at the very least reduction/alleviation.
The proposed Peace Mapping Project will be driven by SMS to register alerts on any conflict build­-up. This will in turn be linked to an experienced and manned. The HELPLINE will have three or four distinct characteristics that will form the basis of intervention, pre­ and post outbreaks of violence.

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