Winner: SimplEye, Kriyate Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Contact Person –
Sumit Dagar, CEO and Founder, Kriyate Design Solutions Pvt Ltd & Dr. Aarti Desai, Research Scientist and development lead at Persistent Systems.


Challenge: Smartphone technology has becoming widely accessible to the masses but still remains inaccessible to the visually impaired persons.


Innovation: SmartEye is a a custom designed smart phone application with an easy to use interface for the visually impaired. The interface enables users to easily access all features of a smart phone by removing the clutter and allowing them to use only one element at a time. A voice then narrates which element is present on the screen which the user can then interact with using simple gestures such as swiping left, right or tapping the screen anywhere on the screen making it as user friendly as possible.

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