Winner: SkillTrain, SkillTrain Training and Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd


Contact Person- 
B. Ganesh, Founder of SkillTrain Training and Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd


Challenge: There are nearly 15 million school kids who drop out of school education every year in India. With no option to get back to main stream education and regular vocational training being expensive, they do not have any other choice. More importantly, this population is so wide spread that traditional vocational institutions are unable to reach them. Hence, there is a clear need to use technology enabled vocational training to bring this population into main stream employment.


Innovation: SkillTrain is a social enterprise that uses mobile phone as an enabler in delivery vocational training to rural school dropouts. SkillTrain has developed video content that is playable on cheap mobile phones in rural areas. This has helped us deliver free video content to the school dropouts thereby enabling access to vocational training direct to their pockets without them spending a lot of money and effort in accessing them.

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