Winner: Solar Prahari – ANDON System, Frontier Markets Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


Contact Person- 
Ms. Ajaita Shah, CEO and Founder of Frontier Markets Consulting Pvt. Ltd


Challenge: Rural customers frequently faced theft of panels, luminary and batteries of outdoor systems. Additionally, products have malfunctioned with no warning or repair without monitoring mechanism to check their functionality. Last mile distribution requires a lot of manpower in remote locations which is hard to track and maintain quality of service in operations.


Innovation: Frontier Markets works in the area of developing and providing solar technologies, partnering with the Government of Rajasthan on many different solar programs. The organization has developed Solar Prahari which is a System Status Monitoring and Theft Protection device. It is based on Toyota Manufacturing Technique’s Total Quality Management ANDON Process. The main applications of Solar Prahari include monitoring of all your Solar Installation Solar Street Lights Solar Inverters Solar Power Generation Units It Discourages & Warns on any theft attempt in such installations. Features include: Option to Access and know the status of all your Installation through any Web enabled device such as LAPTOP/ PC/ Mobile/ Tablet Real Time Status Updates Alarm option in case of theft or system failure Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Reporting feature All Online Services based on highly scalable Cloud Computing platform.

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