Winner: Technology enabled Rural Primary Healthcare Service Delivery SughaVazhvu Healthcare


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Contact Person – Zeena Johar, Managing Director


Challenge: Primary healthcare systems in rural India are often inadequate and of low quality.


ICT Innovation: SughaVazhvu’s innovation is a cloud-based proprietary Health Management Information System (HMIS). Other than capturing patient-physician interaction the web-based, open source HMIS has fully functional units for supply chain management, monitoring and evaluation, clinical audit and integration with android based mobile platforms for data integrations. Modules such as human resources management, training management, clinical data analysis and community disease mapping aided by geo-visualization are under development.


Impact: As a rural primary healthcare provider, demographic placement of the Rural Micro Health Centres (RMHC) is of defining importance. A large catchment area servicing a population of a 100,00 rural Indian residents has been carefully demarcated, through GPS profiling of existing government primary healthcare centres and other private medical providers to ensure that our RMHCs are positioned appropriately. Every RMHC’s catchment of 10,000 people, approximately 2,500 House Holds (HH), are enrolled using android mobile phones, compatible with open-source enrolment software called ODK (Open Data Kit). SughaVazhvu Healthcare has over 65,000 people enrolled and geo-tagged through its entire catchment population. The enrolment and rapid risk assessment exercises which are based in the community are implemented through a team of enrolment agents, facilitated through android based mobile phones.

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