Winner: vChalk, vChalk Education Pvt Ltd


Contact Person – Daniela Gheorghe, Cofounder,Team Lead


Challenge: Though the enrolment of students from low income settings in private English medium schools has drastically increased from 18- 30% in the last few years, the learning levels remain dangerously low. This is due to many reasons, first the lack of quality leaning material, expensive teaching resources and little or no evaluation system.


Innovation: The organisation has developed a comprehensive learning progress tracking tool that makes learning progress for each child visible. The cross platform tool creates an individual profile for each child and allows teachers to record attendance, track skill development in real time and generate reports when necessary. The organisation also encourages parents of under privileged students to get engaged with their child’s learning through IVRS calls where parents will be guided in their local language to ask children specific questions to understand and assess skill development.
The tool works within a larger set up to provide a remedial program for many of the private schools. Targeted at students from 3rd-5th standard the organisation takes the burden of the school by training instructors to use their remedial curriculum , equipping instructors with course material and tracking students growth after the remedial program is implemented using the vChalk technology.

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