Empower NGOs with Technology

NASSCOM Foundation, by leveraging the capabilities of the IT- BPM sector, is meeting the technology needs of NGOs so that they can:


  • scale up operations,
  • be more efficient,
  • increase reach,
  • deliver effective results; and hence realize the goals they are meant to.


With the positive transformations that technology has brought in to fields such as education, healthcare, banking and employment, there is no doubt that it has a role to play in ushering sustainable development.

The Foundation is building the capacity of NGOs following a twofold approach:


  • facilitating access to technology and
  • building an ecosystem and skills for its appropriate implementation.


Leveraging the largest sector, the IT- BPM sector, deems only fit to fulfill this requirement. The various programs that enable this mission are as follows:

BigBridge – a hardware donation program that provides access to refurbished computers.

BigTech – a software donation program that provides access to genuine donated software.

ConnectIT – a training program that enables NGOs learn how to use available technology.

MyKartavya – a volunteering program that facilitates sharing of best practices and skill development by connecting NGO leaders to corporate professionals.

Disability Initiative - provides access to and encourages development of technology specially designed for Persons with Disabilities to promote inclusion.

NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum – a platform that encourages development of innovative technologies that NGOs and consequentially the community at large, can benefit from.

NASSCOM Knowledge Network – a network of telecentres that works with local NGOs to provide access to information and services to the underserved communities.

Skills for Employment – a training program that works with NGO partners to develop employable IT skills in the underserved communities.