Facilitate Business Responsibility

Sustainability and inclusion remain the core ingredients of development for a developing country like India. With a high rate of economic growth paralleled with socio economic deprivation and exclusion with more than 302 million poor people, almost 46 per cent of the children below 3 years suffering from malnutrition, about 304 million illiterate persons, declining child sex ratio; development holds no meaning. In order to reap the benefits of economic growth, it needs to be inclusive.

Simultaneously, with the evolution of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility from check book philanthropy to triple bottom line to Responsible Business, much remains to be done to marry the twin ingredients with the way the industry understands and practices CSR. We call it Business Responsibility.

Having been the business game changer so far with huge contributions to the national GDP but with limited impact on the bottom of the pyramid, we believe in the immense potential that the IT- BPM industry holds. Valuing its unique position as the social arm of NASSCOM (the internationally recognized trade body representative of the Indian IT-BPM industry), the Foundation aims to channelize its potential towards inclusive and sustainable development of India simultaneously helping the industry serve its CSR mandate, strategically.

The various programs of the Foundation that aim to achieve this vision include:

Disability Initiative is sensitizing and assisting the IT industry to promote inclusion by providing employment to persons with disabilities and creating accessible workplaces.

Business Responsibility Forum are discussion platforms that help the industry understand the need to move beyond traditional CSR to mainstream business responsibility through dialogues and knowledge sharing.

MyKartavya offers volunteering opportunities to companies and its employees to empower NGOs through training or direct involvement. 

BigBridge is a hardware donation program via which the companies can serve the underserved communities by donating redundant computers and peripherals at the same time making sure responsible disposal of the e-waste generated by them. These computers are refurbished by the Foundation and then donated to NGOs.

BigTech is a software donation program through which the software companies can meet the technology needs of NGOs by donating their software and assisting them in achieving their respective goals. 

NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum is a platform that gives impetus to corporates and other entities to develop innovative technologies that facilitate social transformation.


Impact Sourcing is building an ecosystem to assist big and small BPMs practice inclusion by employing underserved communities.