Influence Policy Making through Thought Leadership

India, in spite of a high rate of economic growth, is characterized with socio economic deprivation and exclusion. This has highlighted the role of the IT- BPM industry in facilitating inclusive and sustainable development and what Government can do to promote it. With an increased interest in innovative ways to help the Government in its developmental agenda, the IT- BPM industry with the power of technology, innovation, resources has a lot to offer.

Given this background, the Foundation has a two way role to play. On the one hand, being the social arm of the industry body, the Foundation represents the industry’s position with respect to business responsibility, inclusion at work place and influences policy making. And on the other, it promotes policy agenda to the industry for implementation.

Through its various programs, the Foundation simultaneously both influences policy making and ensures its implementation by the industry.

BigBridge promotes and assists responsible disposal of e-waste generated by the industry, thus helping them abide by the e-waste law introduced by the Government for environmental protection.

Business Responsible Forum is a discussion platform to initiate and support a dialogue within the industry about implementation of Government policies such as the National Voluntary Guidelines introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Company’s bill that mandates a spend of 2% on CSR. This and other steps taken by the Government from time to time to help the industry emerge as a leader in practicing responsible business.

Disability Initiative promotes inclusion by encouraging hiring of persons with disabilities within the industry. This is in line with the commitment to the Disability Act and the UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities that India is a signatory to.

NASSCOM Knowledge Network is a network of telecentres that is exploring partnerships with the Common Service Center Scheme run by the Government under the National e- Governance plan to provide content, services, information and knowledge to the rural masses at their doorstep.

Skills for Employment- Under the purview of this program, the Foundation is helping the government in its skilling agenda through partnerships like


  • The National Digital Literacy Mission that aims to bring the industry together to support the Government in making at least one person in every family, digitally literate;
  • NASSCOM Sector Skills Council run vocational training for imparting employable skills in school students;
  • IT skill development in masses along with the Department of IT;
  • Ministry of Labor and Employment to incentivize the industry for promoting inclusion at workplaces and creating special employment exchanges;
  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and local VRCs for promoting the employment and inclusion of underserved communities.

Impact Sourcing- The Foundation carries out advocacy work for various Impact Sourcing Service Providers and works with the Government to incentivize local rural enterprises in the IT- BPM sector.