Promote ICT Solutions for Development

Information, communication and innovation continue to have a transformational impact on society.  However, unfortunately emerging innovations remain out of reach for several underserved communities. Can we term this as development? The answer is NO. With the promise that ICT holds in positively impacting lives of people, there are two requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to make development truly beneficial.


  • Innovate and produce more resources
  • Enable society at large to derive benefits from them. 


Utilizing its unique position as the social arm of the industry body NASSCOM, along with its huge network of NGOs, the Foundation is creating an ecosystem that is conducive to the achievement of these twin goals. Through its programs the Foundation is not just encouraging the industry to develop technology, but also create models that demonstrate and support sustainable and inclusive development.

NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum- is a platform that encourages and celebrates exceptional use of ICT for social development. The Forum identify innovations across public, private and non- for- profit sectors and recognize their contribution for social good.

Disability Initiative- is assisting the IT industry in making their workplaces more accessible by encouraging the development of web accessibility tools and other technologies that promote inclusion.

NASSCOM Knowledge Network- is a clear demonstration of a model that supports development by helping technology reach the community at large.

Skills for Employment- is a program that encourages micro- entrepreneurship by imparting skills to the underserved communities through technology consequentially dealing with issues related to poverty, unemployment and gender inequality.