The Information Technology industry has played a fundamental role in earning India global recognition. Besides the substantial contribution to the nation’s GDP, a need to contribute to community development, poverty, agriculture, healthcare and basic education has long been the industry’s agenda.

Early 2000s witnessed a global revolution in using technology for good. There was an increased interest within IT companies to walk that extra mile and catalyze the nation’s development. In response to the dire need and the industry’s will to participate in the agenda for inclusive development, NASSCOM established NASSCOM Foundation in 2001. As an offshoot of the industry body- NASSCOM, the Foundation took the role of consolidating industry’s efforts, researching in the space of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) and channelizing the support of member companies for social development.

A couple of events during that period only triggered the role and function of the Foundation in gathering support from member companies. Of these, the three major projects that saw the Foundation working closely in setting up and reviving knowledge and information centres across India along with various other implementation partners include:


  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project to revive knowledge centres post the Super Cyclone in Orissa,
  • The National Alliance for Mission 2007 that aimed to provide knowledge connectivity to every village of India;and
  • The post Tsunami relief work.


The Foundation was instrumental in publishing the first ever comprehensive report (Catalyzing Change Report 2005) on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in IT industry along with other partners. With the evolution of CSR and continuous support from NASSCOM, the Foundation has introduced several other programs to meet the technology needs of not-for-profit sector by leveraging the capabilities of IT- BPM industry to build a sustainable and inclusive India.

With its objective to create an overall transformational impact in the country, the industry continues to re-invent itself with new business models. The Foundation, through its various programs continues to serve as a facilitator of ICT4D and help the industry achieve its goal.