Our strength lies in our partnerships. Through the overlaps of four major stakeholders - NASSCOM member companies, NGOs, emerging social enterprises and Government - we are building platforms for “technology for good”.


NASSCOM Member companies:

The Foundation is engaged with NASSCOM member companies on two fronts:

  • Encouraging and supporting them to augment traditional CSR with emerging trends in Responsible Business and
  • Utilizing their capabilities to fulfill the technology gaps that exist at the grassroots, especially among NGOs but also with Social Enterprises and Government.

Additionally, the industry body NASSCOM is a core supporter of the Foundation’s work both as a donor and as a knowledge partner within several Forums.



The Foundation empowers the NGO community with the offerings of the IT industry thereby assisting them in realizing their respective objectives. Software and hardware donation programs, training workshops in IT skills, direct involvement of corporates in volunteering for various causes are all steps to ultimately achieve the objective of building a sustainable and inclusive India. Currently there are about 2000 NGOs network partners.


Social Enterprises:

With the emerging role that social enterprises have come to play in addressing BOP issues through business models, the Foundation is only too keen to foster this sector. Innovation being the key to realize this objective,we are creating ecosystems that support ICT led innovative development models.



Engagement with the Government of India at both the state and central levels is key to scaling the impact of ‘technology for good’. The Foundation advocates on behalf of all stakeholders to seek assistance in supporting the role of IT in development.




  • Adobe
  • Busy Infotech
  • Bytes of Learning
  • Eagle Conferencing
  • Genpact
    NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum
  • Microsoft
    ConnectIT, BigBridge, BigTech, NASSCOM Knowledge Network
    ConnectIT, BigBridge, BigTech, MyKartavya, Disability Initiative, Impact Sourcing, Business Responsibility Forum, NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, NASSCOM Knowledge Network, Skills For Employment
  • Quick Heal
  • Rockefeller Foundation
    Impact Sourcing
  • SAP
    BigTech, MyKartavya
  • TechSoup
    NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, NASSCOM Knowledge Network