NSIF 2018 Finalists


Mphasis Education Honours

Barefoot college – Virtual Reality against Social taboo

Barefoot is pioneering an innovative application of the new and evolving VR technology in overcoming issues, in conducting awareness sessions on sensitive topics in conservative communities. These issues span the inability to get real response in the presence of peers in a group session and the lack of data on impact achieved, leading to an inability to identify and counsel the affected individually. Their intervention aligns to their model of digital night schools – a solution for quality education that overcomes all infrastructural blockers, be it energy or connectivity or teacher capacity. The innovation, through the night schools, is perfectly scalable across geographies and has extensive applications in addressing issues of child abuse, domestic violence, personal health & diseases, body issues for growing children, menstruation and sanitary practices, sex education, awareness of sexuality & gender, superstition, equality and diversity-intolerance. It is a new disruptive way to address any sensitive topics for children, youth, young women, adolescents and adults.


Katha – Hulgul ka Pitaara

It is through stories that the world passes on knowledge. From its very inception, Katha has harnessed the power of stories to spark curiosity and reading interest in children. Their books encourage critical thinking and creativity touching issues like gender, equity and global climate change. Katha addresses the half of the 300 million children of the nation who cannot read at grade level. To ensure that every child is able to discover the joy of reading, and enable the one half who cannot read to teach the other half, Katha is bringing a Storybooks App, Hulgul Ka Pitaara. Based on Katha’s tried and tested StoryPedagogy and Active Story Based Learning that have been honed and refined for over quarter of a century, the app uses the power of immersive immersive digital storytelling that combines animation, video and audio. At the end of each book, a set of activities are unlocked that gauge the reading, comprehension and assimilation levels of the child. Delivered in Hindi, the app can teach upto 600 words and can be used as a legitimate pedagogical tool to track, verify and certify the reading level of a child.


Quest Alliance –Learn Pi

Learn-pi is a low cost edu-tech innovation designed for low resource environments with low-tech infrastructure, such as rural Government schools in Bihar. It has two aspects - An assembled pocket sized device acting as a server and client. Learn-pi is a raspberry-pi connected to monitor, power bank and speakers that can be used by 20 learners together. They have used this hardware to host world class teaching learning material which would be otherwise inaccessible to teachers ; it includes theme based video such as child right, parent engagement, teaching pedagogy, best practices of other government schools. It also has student and parents facing content. These videos are used as a trigger to create engaging discussions with parents and students thereby empowering the teachers & schools. It has a feedback loop built in which provides analytics about the content used and the response to the content. Learn-pi empowers teacher and encourages them to implement innovative pedagogies in classroom thereby improving student participation and attendance. Teachers can use it for school data management and creating newer teaching learning material. Cluster Resource Center Coordinators could track certain school performance indicators and provide supportive supervision to teachers. It will enable the creation of a moderated virtual network, which will facilitate sharing of learning experience of teacher and students.


Operation Asha – Attendance Check

AttendanceCheck tracks school attendance and takes prompt action to prevent drop-outs. It has 2 components: It is an android tablet attached to a fingerprint scanner and loaded with the AttendanceCheck software. The second component is the Education Extension Workers (EEW’s) who intervene promptly with children who remain absent from school for 3 or more days in a month. Participating schools register student information and their fingerprints alongside. The school staff, then records daily attendance via the fingerprint scanner. The software automatically analyses data to identify students who are absent and notifies EEWs when students become chronically absent so that they can follow up with them at home. EEWs conducts a personalized session using a survey on the tablet to understand the reasons for absenteeism. EEWs also offer advice and connect students & parents to services that offer support. AttendanceCheck records are transmitted wirelessly to a central online database where they can be accessed.


Saajha – Grievance redressal app

Saajha is on a mission to enable parents of children in the government schools to collaborate with the officials to improve learning of children. Saajha, in partnership with Mindtree, has developed a mobile based application for facilitating effective grievances redressal. This mobile app allows School Management Committees (SMCs) to record SMC meeting minutes, and key action items, including flagging issues to higher authorities. The app has been launched in Delhi in the presence of approx. 15,000 SMC members. The solution is now live in 1000+ schools in Delhi and about 100 schools in Jharkhand and Karnataka. Using the same mobile application, Saajha plans to integrate and develop e- modules to make learning content available to all parents, family, government and community members to effectively participate in the functioning of a government schools. They would gradually provide the access of digital content to the government trainers for training of the trainer in partnership with other government agencies. They are creating videos, digitizing existing content and developing online activities.


Pi Jam Foundation– Physical & Creative Computing in Schools

PiJam Foundation provides students in schools, access and training to low-cost open source technologies to foster skills like digital making, problem solving and design thinking. They have purchased and use the raspberry pi, which is a low-cost, pocket-sized computer specifically designed for education of students. Through their model, students are exposed to real world problems, which they are required to build solutions for, using technology and their existing academic concepts. These real-world problems lie in the domains of immediate school problems, climate change, pollution control, food and agriculture and other issues in their own communities. They have developed a database of easy to use APIs for complex electronic devices that allow students to use these tools without them getting bogged down by the technicalities. These APIs have been designed in a manner that still require usage of basic programming concepts that push a child to think logically.

Healthcare Honours

Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd - Kriya

KRIYA is an IOT (Internet of things) solution where a wearable design like a patch is placed on a mothers belly and it provides information, alerts and further suggestions on a mobile app. Mothers of 28+ weeks pregnancy are suggested to wear the patch for 1-3 hours depending on her pregnancy type- High risk or Low risk pregnancy. They have designed a software application which they use to acquire, save and filter data. This software will take the shape of mobile app once Empathy Design Labs ports the solution further after acquiring the best signal possible using their algorithm. This app would contain User profiles – Mother’s age , Weight , Height , Prime/Multi parity , High/Low risk pregnancy factors and details of everyday pregnancy parameters which would be determined from the wearable patch - KRIYA. They have Identified 4 states as priority places for the pilot study to test the ICT and patch design – i.e. Balasore [Odisha ] , Barabanki [Uttar Pradesh] , BR Hills [Karantaka] , Ramnagar [Uttarakhand].


Epocare Pvt Ltd – Wound Healing Analytics & Prediction (WHAP) device

Epocare has developed a custom software integrated with hardware to collect and interpret data and send it over cloud using Wifi Module.

They use Amazon AWS service to process data on cloud for data storage and analytics. This data repository is equipped with a machine-learning algorithm, which predicts the healing potential of ulcers and forecast of healing time over the period. It has a database synchronization functionality in the backend of software, & whenever the new data is available in a remote device, new data get synced to cloud server and the reports get generated automatically. They are also developing a software that will be used to share reports among doctors and patients. They have another custom software equipped with a cloud server and an advanced image processing technique that allows images to get captured & process data at various spectral interests.


Janitri Innovations- Keyar

The solution KEYAR is an affordable, easy to use, wearable and portable device for continuous monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contraction during intra-partum period for low resource healthcare settings. The device monitors both the parameters, analyzes the pattern and further gives color coded/sound alert if the foetus is in distress. The device also displays fetal heart rate and uterine contraction in an easy format that is interpretable by a low skilled health worker.


Oxfam – App for Humanitarian & Emergency response operations

The key rationale behind every emergency response and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programmes across the globe is to ensure timely outreach to affected areas with context- specific support to save life and livelihoods of people at distress. This ICT Application- based solution by Oxfam India with an integrated (ICT, GIS and GPS) Data Management tool for taking quick real-time decisions during emergency ensures active participation and ownership of the process, progress and impact of the interventions by all stakeholders including the most vulnerable section of target population. The innovation brings in the government, CSOs, programme-implementing partners at a community level (NGOs) and members from the disaster affected communities to act in a synergic manner and enhance the impact of emergency response and DRR initiatives.    


Padmaseetha Technologies – Miracle (Wearable alternate kidney)

Padmaseetha Technologies Private Limited’s flagship product, MIRACLE, envisions to empower the millions of renal patients with a near normal lifestyle through a safe, affordable, anytime, anywhere CAPD dialysis. The solution MIRACLE, allows renal patients to carry out dialysis without a break from their work. Its simplicity makes it accessible to patients located at even remote corners. Patients are always connected with their doctors through a cloud based patient management system, where all dialysis data is stored, and alerts in the form of SMS and emails are sent to patients and doctors for better preventive care.

They are in animal trials phase with the support of Government Veterinary College, Vepery, Chennai, and with its results, seek approval for conducting human trials subsequent commercialization with CDSCO, New Delhi, the apex governing body, for drugs and devices in India. and clinical validations are planned in the next three to four months with support of MIOT Hospitals and TANKER Foundation Chennai.



Saskan Meditech Pvt Ltd - Screening of Oral and Cervical Cancer at the Point-of-Care using Mobile Phones

The proposal involves development of a fluorescence imaging attachment to smart phones for screening and detection of oral and cervical cancers. The device consists of 405nm LEDs or a laser diode to excite fluorescence from cancer cells. The PoC studies showed that Protoporphyrin (PpIX) emission intensity at 635 nm increases with increase in the grade of squamous cell carcinoma. They have built the first prototype of the device using LEDs to illuminate the oral cavity and a second proto is under development that uses a laser diode for excitation of PpIX. An Android application has been written to capture and process the images. The pseudo colour map of the processed image is displayed in real time to understand tissue abnormality. The images captured by health workers in screening camps can be uploaded to the cloud for review by oncologists in cancer care centers/ hospitals for follow up and treatment.


Mphasis Accessibility Honours

Ayata Intelligence Pvt Ltd – ViShruti

ViShruti - is a smart eyewear with assistive artificial intelligence capabilities for the blind & visually impaired. It will act as a trusted companion for the visually challenged by assisting them to navigate independently, search and manipulate objects, providing facial recognition capabilities, Read sign boards, mobile phone text etc. The smart eyewear captures the image using in-built camera which is then deconstructed and processed using on-board processor and in the cloud. The processed information is conveyed to the user as audio via bone conduction headphones. This solution has potential to impact millions of people globally. As our lives become digitally enhanced, children and young people specifically can benefit immensely as introducing them to the product early on can reduce the learning curve and empower them to explore new opportunities, see new dreams and regain their sense of independence.


Blank Solutions – Sparsh

Sparsh is a single cell refreshable Braille display that converts any form of digital data into its equivalent Braille form. It is a stand-alone portable device running on a microprocessor aimed at introducing the visually impaired to the digital realm. It includes a self-learning module that aims at teaching the visually impaired Braille script, at their own pace, the speed of which is set by the user. The device can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. Sparsh comes with a keyboard that has a few navigational buttons, which doubles up as a “Perkins Style Keyboard”, a common keyboard type using which it is possible to type in Braille.  It has internet access through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, Self-adjustable reading speed, the Ability to switch from Braille to auditory screen reader, `while browsing documents, websites etc, an inbuilt self-learning module to learn reading and typing in Braille script without a teacher. It also has a bundled dual-purpose Perkins Style Keyboard.


Furise – YEllo

A first of its kind personal assistant device designed for visually impaired students to help them with education, navigation, and communication. It is a voice-enabled smartphone is the size of a wearable tie clip, which provides seamless access to Voice Assistant.

Students get information from the internet, Instant access to thousands of Academic E-books, set reminders, take notes, set an alarm, listen to music, make voice calls, get information, get navigated on the go, book a cab and much more.  


Saksham – INDO NVDA

INDO NVDA is a Screen Reading Software, which is a customized version of NVDA for Indian languages. Indo NVDA includes 14 Nuance vocalizer and Eloquence voices in 10 different Languages (Indian English, British English, American English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil,   Telugu, and Marathi). NVDA already includes e-speak voices of all Indian languages. The software is designed to make computers accessible for visually impaired people in all parts of the country. The DVD of the software includes  Itools, the self-learning tutorial package from Enable India.  This version of Indo-NVDA is a free upgrade for all those who have purchased NVDA vocalizer voices license earlier from Saksham.


Thinkerbell Labs - Annie

Thinkerbell Labs is an organisation that aims to revolutionize education for the visually impaired by using technology to make Braille literacy more accessible. Their flagship product Annie is an audio-tactile device that makes self-learning and classroom teaching of Braille possible. Annie runs on a Raspberry Pi and consists of three major modules - a refreshable braille display, a digital braille slate, and a Perkins style braille keyboard - in one device, thus helping visually impaired children learn how to read, write, and type Braille on their own.

The technology will enable self-learning (which is completely missing in today’s methods), enable efficient classroom teaching akin to mainstream classrooms, introduce collective and competitive learning, ease homework delivery and evaluation, and bring in easy tracking of progress. Annie is a super light-weight, portable device that children can easily carry anywhere. Soft typing keys, soft touch pad in the digital slate, and large cells in the reading module ensure that the device is extremely child-friendly and easy to use.


Financial Inclusion Honours

Awaaz.De – Interactive mobile podcasts for behavior change & customer insights

Awaaz.De, a last-mile mobile technology company, works closely with financial institutions to design interactive, mobile ‘podcast’-based financial edu-tainment campaigns to cover topics like new product/service awareness (i.e. digital financial services), financial management, or fraud prevention.
This audio-enabled service enables insightful and scalable last-mile, localized financial literacy content leading to awareness and behaviour change. The mobile ‘podcasts’ provide indirect financial literacy messaging through dramatic, locally relevant stories and dramas in local languages featuring professional voice artists, music and sound-design. Requiring only a basic mobile phone and no literacy, this unique approach unlocks a latent opportunity to engage un(der)banked populations, encourage informed adoption of financial services and behaviours and allows for collection of targeted data points through focused questions and feedback.


Chaitanya WISE - Microlekha

SHG Federations are community owned communitygoverned microfinance institutions of women. The three-tiered structureconsisting of self-help groups, intimate grassroots based social clusters andarea specific federations, form one of the most effective models for financialinclusion and poverty alleviation.Microlekhais acomprehensive solution which integrates SHG internal transaction, micro financetransactions (for federations) with other functions like  Social activities, Capacity building, HR, etcmaking it more or less a complete ERP solution for SHG Federations.It is a three interfaced solution with android application as front end, .NET based dektop application which is used for offline usage and a website interface for online usage. Its unique features include:

  • Compatibility with CIC (Credit Information Company) reporting of member level transactions

  • Financial Capability assessment for customised financial products and increased financial literacy

  • Measure Poverty trend – Progress out of Poverty Index

  • Empowerment Evaluations for impact assessment

  • Employee Performance and Customised Capacity building planning for SHGs


Danamojo- Payment Solutions platform

Danamojo is India's first payment solutions platform designed specifically for NGOs. Their purpose is to help NGOs raise more funds from individuals by providing a convenient and efficient mechanism to collect donations and engage donors thereby providing a superlative experience to the donor to make them repeat donors engaged to the cause of the NGO. They provide an “e-commerce like donation storefront” allowing donors to select donation products, capturing donor information for 100% legal compliance, providing multiple payment options – both online (credit card, debit card, netbanking, mobile wallets and EMI) and offline (cheque pickup in 100+ cities) modes of payment. A customized Thank You mail and 80G receipt is sent to the donor on behalf of the NGO on confirmation of the donation. Danamojo integrates the donation storefront in less than 5 minutes on the NGO’s website. They currently have 500+ NGOs live on the platform.



Donatekart is India’s first crowdsourcing platform where people can donate in kind to charities instead of money. NGOs start campaigns on their platform listing down their product requirements and donor just like they shop on flipkart can choose products they want to donate and pay for them. Donatekart at the end of the campaign delivers the products to NGO's and update donors. As 70% of the money raised by NGO's is used in procuring some or the other products, they are making these donations transparent by helping NGO's get them directly from Donors. They are a completely free platform for NGO's to raise any kind of products be it stationery, blankets, groceries, utensils, medical equipment anything which they can ship to the organisation. Their campaigns are so successful that 200 of their NGOs raised 10 lakh products from across the world.


BPK Softwares Pvt Ltd - MeraPaper

A newspaper vendor typically works 15 hours a day for 360 days. His day starts at 3'o clock in the morning for distribution, after which he typically has a secondary job. In addition to this, on the month ends, he has the task of creating bills manually, and collecting the cash door-to-door. Instead of the present 'parchi bills' and 'door-to-door collection' system, MeraPaper is providing the distributors with an app-based solution, which considerably reduces their workload. The distributors are generating their monthly bills automatically, eliminating the need of offline bill-books. They can also send payment reminder messages and payment links through SMS/WhatsApp to ease the collection process.

Merapaper app removes the roadblock of digital invoicing and tallying payments at the vendors’ end. Thus, it encourages receiving online transactions for routine payments from end customers, promoting the idea of Cashless Economy.


Environment Honours

Bombay Bijlee – Bijlee Boqx

The  Bijlee Boqx is a smart energy harvesting , storage & delivery device which can be remotely monitored and controlled to make clean energy affordable to rural households in India. Bombay Bijlee offer it as a service, where the customer pays an initial commitment fee and makes the rest of the payment in instalments. ICT embedded in it collects real time data of hardware , battery and energy usage pattern which helps Bombay Bijlee to provide automated repair and service to the customer in case of any technical problem with the Bijlee Boqx. ICT along with the backend system integrates hardware, payment module and after sales service with our cloud server. As, they offer the services of the product, customers can pay instalments using mobile money without the need of any internet.


Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)

Air and soil temperature, soil RH, rain Gauge, wind flow – all this might seem complicated scientific terminologies for most of us but not for these farmers in Tipli Village of Uttarakhand. Not only can they collect such agro-weather information from an instrument called Automatic Weather Recording Station established by CASA in 2014, but they are also capable of decoding these farm data and using the same to increase their agricultural output. This technological innovation established under Climate Farmer School (CFS) by CASA has brought experts and scientists closer to the community in mitigating the impacts of climate change. After three years of CFS, it is amazing to see how technology can address the woes of thousands of vulnerable farmers who were once incurring huge losses in productivity due to increasing incidences of disasters, pest attacks and changing weather patterns.


H2e Power Systems Pvt Ltd – GramUrja

GramUrja is a biogas enabled Solar–Fuel Cell Hybrid Microgrid Solution, channelling the smart city inertia for development of smart and sustainable villages.

GramUrja has the potential to bring the rural population on the digital highway and foster double-digit growth in the agriculture sector with a potential to impact over 400,000 villages across India and can be a major contributor in reducing the energy import bill & combating climate change.

GramUrja is a perfect example of bridging the technology gap by bringing the Energy and ICT technologies on a single platform to benefit masses at the bottom of the pyramid.

Integrating multiple power sources such as solar and wind, the idea is to utilise local waste streams and turn them into value added materials for self-sufficient and carbon neutral power generation through h2e’s proprietary fuel cell technology. Power that is clean, reliable, affordable and accessible to villages on demand.


Pendeln technologies - Journee

According to MoUD, urban population in India, which is nearly 377 million is poised to grow to 600 million by 2030. When there is an increasing inflow of population, it is critical for us to rethink about the transport infrastructure required to acheive congestion free, livable, healthy and smart cities. While wider roads, elevated expressways, dedicated lane to public transport can help in addressing the challenge, what is important to move from car-centric to public transport centric cities is to make the transit system respond in a predictable manner to dynamic demands. Journee is a transit intelligence platform to make public transport preferred public choice. Journee helps public transport authorities to maximize revenue and optimize operations by harnessing real-time data thus making it predictable and easy to use for commuters. With an innovative solution leveraging IndiaStack, Journee will power the move to 'smart' urban transportation infrastructure for smart cities with reduced traffic congestion and carbon footprint.


StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd – Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers

The innovation addresses the problem of increasing outdoor air pollution levels. Outdoor air pollution controllers are units designed, manufactured & installed by Strataenviro Pvt ltd. These units are installed for free at public & private locations to reduce outdoor air pollution with a unique revenue model for sustainability benefiting people commuting on foot, 2/3 wheelers, buses in high polluted zones like traffic signals, high traffic congestion zones, schools, hospitals, tolls booths, railway stations, airports, fuel stations, and similar places. These units are IoT enabled units which suck polluted air from the environment (outdoor), then locally filter the pollutants (particulate matter pm2.5, pm10, dust, petroleum fumes, smog, odour and similar air pollution elements). The innovation is successfully operational in both the private and public sector with clearances of city wide installation by 2 municipal corporations & private locations in 5 cities.


Other Social Issues

Aarambh India – India’s 1st National Resource Centre for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

The Aarambh India Initiative is a joint initiative of Mumbai-based NGO Prerana and Hong Kong-based ADM Capital Foundation. The initiative addresses the issue of sexual offenses against children with a wide range of strategies that include demonstration of national & international best practices, network building of organization across the country, developing communication resources & campaigns, providing on-ground victim support, strengthening government protection systems, & conducting evidence-based advocacy with policymakers and training & research.

In 2014, Aarambh India launched its website that became India’s first online resource centre on child sexual abuse. In 2016, it collaborated with Internet Watch Foundation to launch India’s first internet hotline to report images and videos of child sexual abuse online.


Centers for International Projects Trust (CIPT) - ICT Led Agriculture Extension for Sustainable Agriculture

Intensive agricultural practices in North India have led to overexploitation of natural resources such as depletion of groundwater, soil health and polluted environment. The traditional mode of extension education of farmers lacks timeliness, effectiveness and wider outreach due to resource crunch and its high cost of operation. ICT has the potential to bridge this gap by supplementing current extension system.

CIPT has developed two-way mobile applications in Punjabi language for 5 major crops (rice, wheat, maize, cotton and sugarcane) in 9 districts of Punjab benefitting 55,000 farmers. The mobile application provides latest information on recommended varieties, methods of sowing, fertilizers, diseases and pest control. The farmer can access the relevant information in 2 easy steps. The application combines relevant text, photographs and videos in such a manner that even an illiterate farmer can easily use it. The content is based on the recommendations of production practices of Punjab Agricultural University.


Karmayog for the 21st Century Foundation - OmniDEL
OmniDELTM (Omni-Dimensionally Engaged Learning) is a comprehensive approach to scale learning. It provides multiple learning contexts such as group collaboration, individual self paced & mentor-led learning. It Integrates multiple platforms like TV, radio etc, along with a rich blend of media & technology to develop various skills. It engages the learner explicitly through Physical, Energetic, Mental and Spiritual dimensions of their being. Building OmniDEL™ technology intervention is the Mentor driven TabMaster™ app that takes of Extensive Data Collection, Learning Content Delivery and Response Management System to allow real time monitoring of the degree of participation and engagement with the program content and interventions.


Schemopedia (Karma Online Ventures, LLP) – Online portal
Currently, information on various government schemes and benefits like grants, loans, scholarships, subsidies, etc. is spread out across multiple online and offline sources. This makes it difficult for citizens to know about the relevant scheme and information is not organized as per the Citizen's profile and need. Due to this non-intuitive information organization, it is difficult for citizens to browse the same despite reaching the right website. Even for the Government, lower public awareness and lesser number of applications result in sub-optimal utilization of government funds. Schemopedia is online platform for information and application support on government schemes and benefits.


Supremus Developers Pvt Ltd – JanaJal
JanaJal is India’s first dedicated water services company. The ICT innovation built by the company is the keystone to establishing overall efficiencies and enabling the expansion of its operations across India and globally in the future. Customized remote monitoring and controller unit is an ideal use of IoT applications in every JanaJal Water ATM. The main controller controls all the Dispensers operating in tandem with various types of input data and conducts edge-based analysis while communicating with a central cloud based server. This enables transmission of data through GPRS or WiFi connectivity that is suitably processed and appears on the central dashboard. This allows real time control and data visualization on the cloud based backend and generates further inputs for improved operating efficiencies. Data analysis helps not only in recording consumer profile and their consumption pattern but also track water demand through various cycles of operations. For the first time in India, consumers are provided a self-operating touch screen interface thereby enhancing the UX.