Innovation spaces

Innovation spaces are a petri dish for experimentation where students embrace hands-on learning of new-age technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning  and 3D printing.  

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students across 5 universities learning New-Tech like IoT and ML

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, challenging various industries with fusion of the physical and the digital spaces. Many old sectors are ripe for disruption and many new one are emerging as smart device hyper-connectivity, 3D printing and machine learning inject new breakthroughs in production, management and governance. 

The mainstream adoption of emerging technologies heralds a new era of endless opportunities that exceed what we achieved through Information Technology and automation. To cash-in on these opportunities, our students need a care-free sandbox like environment where they can be exposed to these new-age technologies, experiment with them, learn, unlearn and relearn, and embrace a culture of innovation. 

NASSCOM Foundation’s Innovation Spaces program helps set-up makerspaces and mentor teachers and students on these new technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 3D Printing. 

In partnership with Cisco, NASSCOM Foundation has created five innovation spaces called: ThingQbators across five different universities in India. ThingQbators allow students to turn their ideas into working prototypes and in the process, come up with local solutions to local problems.

The name ThingQubator is a combination of ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Incubator’. The main objectives of the ThingQubator program in universities are:

  • Build Digital Skills: empower students through hands on learning
    Local solutions to local Problems: Democratize diagnosis of problems at a local level
    Link innovation to markets: Partnership with businesses depending on the ideas and their scales
    Accelerate student entrepreneurship: Help students transition from job seekers to job creators


SDGs Supported

Quality Education
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities


NASSCOM Foundation is grateful to have such committed partners to hep make the Persons with Disabilities, job ready. 

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