Physio Fast-Heal

Persons with Cerebral Palsy (CP), stroke patients or People with Disabilities (PwD’s) face an acute disadvantage in regards to mobility and hence independence on a day to day basis. It also remains expensive and difficult to administer strategic support and therapy to them according to their individual requirement.

The innovation is a wearable assistive device to enhance the communication, mobility and the quality of life of stroke patients or persons living with CP. The proposed device will be attached to the limb of the user and mimic the user’s physiotherapy treatment using embedded pressure and bend gauges. The frequency, level of correctness and duration will be recorded and relayed as feedback as sounds/visual on a mobile application via Bluetooth that is used by the therapist. After each session, the therapist can also generate a report to document the progress of the patient.

With over 60 million disabled people in India and 25 Lakh children with CP in India, an innovation such as this has the potential to create wide scale impact. The innovation also has big implications for physio therapists and care givers, easing much of their work.

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