Same Language Subtitling Planet Read, Puducherry


Same Language Subtitling (SLS) is simply the idea of subtitling the lyrics of existing film songs (or music videos) on TV, in the ‘same’ language that they are sung in. SLS on songs cause automatic and inescapable reading practice and overcomes the motivational barrier to reading practice amongst weak-readers. It is Karaoke on Bollywood for mass reading.


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  • Presently SLS is being implemented on 8 weekly TV programmes, one each in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil
  • Collectively, this gives regular reading practice to 150 million weak-readers, for 30 minutes a week. Longitudinal studies have found that SLS more than doubles the number of good readers in primary schools
  • Among weak-reading youth and adults, regular exposure to SLS raised newspaper reading from 34% to 70%

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