Shree Kamdhenu Electronics

Long queues, delayed payments, spoilt milk and corrupt practices had been a routine hindrance faced by milk producers. To solve all these problems, project Akashganga was launched by Kamdhenu Electronics. An innovative Automated Milk Collection System (micro processor and a PC based solution) for the dairy industry which increased accuracy, transparency, mutual faith, efficiency, almost without human intervention. It is a simple technology to weigh the milk on electronic scales, tests the fat content publicly, and displays and prints the pay slips with relevant data. Its usage at more than 2000 locations and daily, error-free operation by millions of farmers showed that IT can benefit poor rural communities that are open to new technologies delivering tangible benefits such as shorter queues, timely payment for better quality and reduced corruption.


Further more, by hiring and training people locally, Akashganga has contributed to the development of human capital in rural areas. Unemployed youth have been able to earn livelihoods locally within their rural communities instead of migrating to big cities. Providing jobs at the local level, Akashganga has provided stimulus to the local rural economy.

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