StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd – Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers

The innovation addresses the problem of increasing outdoor air pollution levels. Outdoor air pollution controllers are units designed, manufactured & installed by Strataenviro Pvt ltd.

These units are installed for free at public & private locations to reduce outdoor air pollution with a unique revenue model for sustainability benefiting people commuting on foot, 2/3 wheelers, buses in high polluted zones like traffic signals, high traffic congestion zones, schools, hospitals, tolls booths, railway stations, airports, fuel stations, and similar places.

These units are IoT enabled units which suck polluted air from the environment (outdoor), then locally filter the pollutants (particulate matter pm2.5, pm10, dust, petroleum fumes, smog, odour and similar air pollution elements). The innovation is successfully operational in both the private and public sector with clearances of city wide installation by 2 municipal corporations & private locations in 5 cities.

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