Winner: Educate Girls Mobile Application, Educate Girls


Contact Person – Safeena Husain Founder and Executive Director


Challenge: The education system within India is peppered with a number of challenges. At the school level issues such as the low student to teacher ratio, lack of proper infrastructure, ineffective content and poor teacher training results in poor educational outcomes for students. At the district level, the lack of tools to monitor, assess and evaluate the process makes it hard to take decisions and gauge success.


Innovation: The organisation , has developed a mobile application. The application has two main components. The first is a feature allows the organization to monitor the activities and location of their field staff as staff are required to log their time and activities performed on ground at site. The second component allows managers visibility into school level improvement. As the field staff are also required to enter real time data on school level performance indicators. The application uses GPS to document location and all data collected is backed up on a cloud server, which can then be retrieved and mapped on excel. The solution provides visibility and accountability into the work of field staff for the organization. Also data such as this can be used to impact district level decision making.   The organization is operational in 7 districts in Rajasthan and has impacted over 580 field staff and 1 lakh children.

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