Winner: Mobile Vaani: A voice based social media for the underserved population, Onion Dev Technologies Pvt Ltd

Contact Person – Vijay Sai Pratap, Cofounder & CEO

Challenge: In developing regions due to widespread connectivity issues, illiteracy, and social norms, more than 70% of the people do not have access to credible & timely information, especially amongst the rural and low income communities, significantly limiting their ability to make informed decisions. Second is the challenge of taking to scale any socially beneficial solutions due to the lack of resource, technology and expertise.

Innovation: Mobile Vaani is a voice based social media platform for underserved communities. Individuals can call a toll free number to leave messages on socially relevant topics such as agriculture, weather, crop prices etc. and listen to other messages left by other community members. This raises their awareness and opens up channels for community as never seen before.

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