Winner: Supporting Improved Community Accountability, CfBT Education Services


Contact Person – G V S Prasad, Executive Director


Challenge: Children attending Government Schools in India are often faced with a number of obstacles. The poor quality of teaching and lack of infrastructure result in poor learning outcomes of students. What is more, is that most of the children are first generation school goers with many of their parent’s being illiterate and therefore unable to properly engage with their child’s academic career. This means that there has been no real effort made on the part of the schools to become accountable to the community.


Innovation: CfBT has designed a mobile based pictorial School Score Card (SSC) that depicts school quality indicators for the illiterate mothers of the school children. By using the SSC on their mobile devices, mothers can easily understand and score the school on basic quality parameters such as- student enrolment, basic infrastructure, teacher attendance etc. As part of the School Management Committees the mothers are now engaged with the schools monitoring and evaluation process. They also send SMS’s of all the data they have collected to a centralized server that can be used by State level education officials to improve the quality of government schools.

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